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Climbing plants

The climbing plants section is the space exclusively dedicated to videos on the cultivation of climbing plants, videos thanks to which you can discover many features and as many details on the cultivation of this special category of plants. Climbing plants are ideal in the field of ornamental greenery to cover areas of the home that we are interested in hiding or at least covering, but they are also suitable for decorating trellises, pergolas and verandas.
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Fruit and Vegetables

But without flowers

Question: Pear tree pruning I have a "San Giovanni" pear that is now entering its fourth year and is developing fast, but the garden is small and I would like to keep it low. Is it advisable to cut the new twigs not yet woody or to wait for the end of winter? Besides, did it not flower when it had flowers?
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Fat plants


Question: opuntia good morning, I am the desperate owner of an opuntia. I thought I had made her die of thirst this winter (given the unhealthy color of the stem) ... now, for some days, some ears have sprouted growths. I don't know if it's new shovels or flowers. I wanted to ask if it was the case to eliminate (and how should I do?
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Description and characteristics of Bohemia strawberries, planting and care

Late-ripening strawberry variety Bohemia was bred by Russian scientists for cultivation in the Central region. Garden strawberries have received recognition from farmers, summer residents for undemanding growing conditions, large fragrant fruits. Description and characteristics of the Bohemia variety Erect tall strawberry bushes are characterized by powerful roots, large leaves with medium wrinkles with denticles at the edges.
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